Leg pain
Back pain
Foot massage

What to expect

The initial consultation takes between 45minutes and 1 hour. The osteopath will take a full medical history; this includes questions not only about your current ailment but also about your lifestyle, general health and medical history. This information helps us make a diagnosis and treatment plan that is specific to you.


We then follow with an examination that can include taking your blood pressure and reflexes as well as an Osteopathic and medical examination; you may be asked to remove some of your clothing for this. If you feel uncomfortable with removing anything then we recommend that patients wear loose fitting items such as a T-shirt/vest and jogging bottoms rather than jeans.

Skeleton model

Your treatment usually includes techniques to release strain/tension in your joints and muscles. We may do this by articulating and mobilising joints and by using soft tissue massage. After the treatment you may be given simple stretches and exercises to perform at home, or you may be instructed to use cold or heat packs where appropriate.

We encourage our patients to ask questions, so please do not hesitate to do so either during the consultation or afterwards by telephone or email.