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1. Do I need a GP referral?

A GP referral is not necessary and most of our patients self-refer. We do however encourage our patients to make their GP aware that they are having Osteopathic treatment to keep their medical records up-to-date.

2. Can anyone call themselves an Osteopath?

No. All osteopaths in the UK must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council. To be registered you must have completed a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Osteopathic medicine or similar qualification.

3. How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the nature of your problem and contributory factors such as lifestyle and occupation. Your Osteopath will discuss your prognosis and treatment plan on your first consultation.

4. Will it hurt?

In most instances no. Osteopathy in a gentle physical therapy and we aim to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

5. Will my Private Medical Insurance cover me for Osteopathic treatment?

Many private insurance companies will include cover for osteopathic treatment. We recommend you check with your insurer prior to your first consultation as some also may require a GP or specialist referral.

6. Is it safe?

All osteopaths have rigorous training and are not only trained to identify conditions that they can treat/manage but also identify conditions that may require medical referral and will refer appropriately.